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Introduction to modern macroeconomics

Microeconomic Foundations

Consumption (1) | Consumption (2) | Homework 1

Application: Retirement planner

Actual labor income and consumption profiles: National Transfer Accounts

Government sector

Neoclassical labor markets (updated!) | Homework 2

Application: Ben-Porath model


Special Topic: Discrete vs Continuous Time Optimization | Homework 3

Economic Growth: Neoclassical Growth Theory

Growth facts & Solow-Swan model | Solow model notes

Overlapping generations model | Homework 4

Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model | Numerical solution

Ramsey model in continuous time

Taxation in the long-run | Income vs consumption tax

Models of inequality

Economic Growth: New Growth Theory

AK models and externalities

Expanding product variety models, Improving product quality models, Diffusion of technology

Business Cycles and Labor Markets

Real Business Cycles model

Models of unemployment

New Keynesian model and monetary policy

Coordination failures and financial frictions



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