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Could the boom-bust in the eurozone periphery have been prevented?, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina, M. Kolasa & K. Makarski, Journal of Common Market Studies Vol. 57(2), pp. 336-352, 2019.

The natural rate of interest: estimates, drivers, and challenges to monetary policy, jointly with C. Brand & A. Penalver (editors), European Central Bank Occasional Papers, No. 217 / December 2018.

Inequality in an OLG economy with heterogeneous cohorts and pension systems, jointly with K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Journal of Economic Inequality Vol. 16(4), pp. 583–606, 2018.

Illusory Gains from Privatizing Social Security when Reform is Politically Unstable, jointly with K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Peace Science and Public Policy Vol. 24(2), 2018.

Reforming retirement age in DB and DC pension systems in an aging OLG economy with heterogenous agents, jointly with J. Tyrowicz & K. Makarski, IZA Journal of Labor Policy Vol. 5, 2016.

Decreasing Fertility vs Increasing Longevity: Raising the Retirement Age in the Context of Ageing Processes, jointly with K. Goraus, J. Hagemejer & J. Tyrowicz, Economic Modelling Vol. 52(PA), pp. 125-143, 2016.

Small assumptions (can) have a large bearing: evaluating pension system reforms with OLG models, jointly with K. Goraus, J. Hagemejer, K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Economic Modelling Vol. 48(C), pp. 210-221, 2015.

Deutsche Bundesbank Discussion Papers:

Labor tax reductions in Europe: the role of property taxation, jointly with N. Stähler

NBP Working Papers:

Demographics, monetary policy, and the zero lower bound, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina & M. Kolasa

WNE Working Papers:

Business cycles, innovation and growth: welfare analysis

Innovation and endogenous growth over business cycle with frictional labor markets

Long shadows of financial shocks: an endogenous growth perspective

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