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My PhD Thesis


Demographics and the natural interest rate in the euro area, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina & M. Kolasa, forthcoming in European Economic Review

Labor tax reductions in Europe: the role of property taxation, jointly with N. Stähler, forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics

Comment on “The limits of forward guidance” by Jeffrey R. Campbell, Filippo Ferroni, Jonas D.M. Fisher and Leonardo Melosi, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina & M. Kolasa, Journal of Monetary Economics Vol. 108, pp. 135-139, 2019.

Could the boom-bust in the eurozone periphery have been prevented?, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina, M. Kolasa & K. Makarski, Journal of Common Market Studies Vol. 57(2), pp. 336-352, 2019.

The natural rate of interest: estimates, drivers, and challenges to monetary policy, jointly with C. Brand & A. Penalver (editors), European Central Bank Occasional Papers, No. 217 / December 2018.

Inequality in an OLG economy with heterogeneous cohorts and pension systems, jointly with K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Journal of Economic Inequality Vol. 16(4), pp. 583–606, 2018.

Illusory Gains from Privatizing Social Security when Reform is Politically Unstable, jointly with K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Peace Science and Public Policy Vol. 24(2), 2018.

Reforming retirement age in DB and DC pension systems in an aging OLG economy with heterogenous agents, jointly with J. Tyrowicz & K. Makarski, IZA Journal of Labor Policy Vol. 5, 2016.

Decreasing Fertility vs Increasing Longevity: Raising the Retirement Age in the Context of Ageing Processes, jointly with K. Goraus, J. Hagemejer & J. Tyrowicz, Economic Modelling Vol. 52(PA), pp. 125-143, 2016.

Small assumptions (can) have a large bearing: evaluating pension system reforms with OLG models, jointly with K. Goraus, J. Hagemejer, K. Makarski & J. Tyrowicz, Economic Modelling Vol. 48(C), pp. 210-221, 2015.

NBP Working Papers:

Distributional consequences of conventional and unconventional monetary policy, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina & M. Kolasa

Demographics, monetary policy, and the zero lower bound, jointly with M. Brzoza-Brzezina & M. Kolasa

WNE Working Papers:

Business cycles, innovation and growth: welfare analysis

Innovation and endogenous growth over business cycle with frictional labor markets

Long shadows of financial shocks: an endogenous growth perspective

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