Michał Krawczyk

Pending projects

We are working on a project on response times in economic experiments (on risk posture and social preference) funded by the National Science Centre

We have recently completed a three-year program `Gender equality at the university', funded by the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme. The team includes Renata Siemienska-Zochowska at ISS UW, Svein Kyvik at NIFU and myself as project leader. The findings are here.

'Economics of digital intellectual property rights infringement' or iPiracy will soon be completed.

I run some experiments on risk and fairness funded by the Iuventus Plus programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Recently completed EU-funded European Reintegartion Grant AcaDis was a project on academic integrity. 

In Polforex funded by the Norway Grants, I run environmental valuation experiments.

I also took part in a project on networks, led by Maciej Sobolewski.

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