Michał Krawczyk


Welcome to my website! Witaj na mojej stronie!

I am a (newly minted :)) associate professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw.

We are recruiting! Research assistant wanted, see here (sorry, Polish only). 

A new paper of mine on how gender and physical attractiveness of students affects their grades just came out, pls see here 

IDEAS repec list of best Polish economists now places me in the top 5! Of course, 87% of stats you find on the Internet are just made up. 

Most of my research involves experiments. Click here to register and start taking part.

I have recently become a Country Representative of the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics (SABE) for Poland.

I am excited to lead a new National Science Centre "Opus" project on behavioral underpinnings of lottery play. 

Are all researchers male? Czy Kopernik była kobietą? My paper on gender misattributions in academic citations has recently been accepted by Scientometrics. Other recent gender-related publications show that male marathon runners are relatively overconfident and that papers known to be written by males are judged as better.  

My new project on response times in economic experiments was ranked as number 1 in the recent Poland's National Science Centre "Opus" grant call. The first paper is out already as WP, and submitted. Keep your fingers crossed.

Our comment (joint work with Fabrice Le Lec) has been accepted by the American Economic Review! You can see it here.




The first texbook on experimental economics in the Polish language is available from the publisher's webiste. Learn more about the book here.

Our book has been recognized in the econ/biz book of the year contest run by the Dziennik-Gazeta Prawna daily:

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