• Working papers
    New IZA and CESifo discussion paper on long-lasting effects of communism, and another IZA one on indoctrination effects in later life  (December 2020) 
  • Scholarship
    I started a study on the Effects of communist education on later-life health in the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange Bekker programme at LSE (August 2020)


Our team (from left Maciej, Anna, Nuria, Jakub, Pal, Magda, and Michał) developed the project Co-designing inclusive mobility

  • Seminar
    We summarized the 4EU+ webinar in a multidisciplinary group of students, tutors, and invited researchers from Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Poland (January 2020)

About the webinar, the projectand the seminar
Media: portal M. St. Warszawa, strona UW, Pismo UW 2/2019, 3/2019

  • Grant
    NCN Opus (17th edition) granted for the project The role of institutions for health, attitudes and behaviours in later life 
  • Publication
    Anna Nicińska (2020) Pozafinansowe wsparcie starszego pokolenia w polskich rodzinach [Nonfinancial support to persons from older generations in Polish families]. Ekonomista 1, forthcoming.
  • Conferences
    30th Aual Conference of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, 27-29 September 2019, Kazimierz Dolny
    Member of the scientific committee of the inequalities programme

European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) Annual Conference 2019,  June 20-22, Bath UK

NBER Summer Institute in Political Economy 2019, July 15-16, Cambridge MA, USA