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Anna Nicińska
Assistant Professor
Chair of Population Economics and Demography
Faculty of Economic Sciences
University of Warsaw

I graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw in 2006 and received a PhD degree in economic sciences in 2011. I completed four years of Master Program in sociology at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. I am a fellow of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for Excellent Young Scholars. Currently I coordinate 4EU+ educational project on smart ageing in smart cities.

My research interests concern processes of individual ageing over the life course as viewed from the perspective of behavioral and institutional economics. My research is focused on the formation of preferences and habits over the life course, outcomes in the end of life; inter vivos and post mortem intergenerational financial transfers; care from kin and non-kin individuals. Currently I investigate impact of the exposure to communism during young adulthood on preferences and behaviours in later life.