Quantitative strategies on High Frequency Data - course taught in the winter semester


Lecture 1. organizational, Introduction to quantitative trading

lecture 1

Lecture 2. High-frequency data definition, characteristics and sources

Lecture 3. Evolution of HFT

Lecture 4. Review of the statistical and econometric foundations of trading strategies

Lecture 5. Mean-reverting, momentum strategies and pair trading

Lecture 6. Building an automated strategy - study of entries and exits

Lecture 7. Calculating position and pnl

Lecture 8. Evaluating performance of high-frequency strategies

Lecture 9. Fishing for ideas and strategy backtesting

Lecture 10. Statistical arbitrage strategies

Lecture 11. Event arbitrage strategies

Lecture 12. Exam consultations

Lab sections

Lab 0. Introduction to Rmarkdown

Introduction to R Markdown - resulting file

R Markdown from RStudio

R Markdown - Quick tour

R Markdown - Cheat Sheet

R Markdown - Reference guide

Getting Started with R Markdown

All chunk options (for advanced users)

Wikipedia on Markdown

Writing your thesis with R Markdown

Lab 1. Dealing with time series data

xts: eXtensible Time Series. Using the xts package

xts Cheat Sheet: Time Series in R

Lab 2. Frequency conversion, data aggregation

Lab 3. Correlation, regression (rolling analyses)

Lab 4. Cointegration, Granger causality (rolling analyses)

Lab 5. Constructing a strategy setup using different entry/exit techniques

Lab 6. Calculating positions and gross/net pnl

Lab 7. Evaluating performance of the strategy

Lab 8. Applying simple strategies

Lab 9. Applying more advanced (pair trading) strategies

Lab 10. Applying more advanced (pair trading) strategies - filtering

Lab 11. C++ in R - efficiency matters

Lab 12. Students' presentations


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