About Michal Brzezinski

My recent research is mainly devoted to the distribution of income, consumption, wealth, health, happiness and other correlates of well-being. I am interested in using complex survey data to estimate statistical aggregate indices of poverty, inequality, polarization, pro-poor growth, richness, and others. I have also studied fitting statistical models of distribution to income distribution data and the relationship between distributional phenomena (e.g. inequality, polarization) and crime and economic growth. Currently, I also do research on the determinants of unhappiness and inequality of opportunity for happiness.

From another perspective, I am interested in the process of economic transformation of post-socialist countries, with special focus on income distribution and economic policy design. I am exploring the possibility of using the neo-Schumpeterian endogenous growth theory for guiding economic policy in post-socialist countries that would find balance between strong and sustainable economic growth and inclusiveness offered by social-democratic welfare state.