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Introduction to modern macroeconomics

Microeconomic Foundations

Consumption (1) | Consumption (2) | Homework 1

Application: Retirement planner

Actual labor income and consumption profiles: National Transfer Accounts

Government sector

Neoclassical labor markets (updated!) | Homework 2

Application: Ben-Porath model


Special Topic: Discrete vs Continuous Time Optimization | Homework 3

Economic Growth: Neoclassical Growth Theory

Growth facts & Solow-Swan model | Solow model notes

Overlapping generations model | Homework 4

Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model | Numerical solution

Ramsey model in continuous time

Taxation in the long-run | Income vs consumption tax

Models of inequality

Economic Growth: New Growth Theory

AK models and externalities | Homework 5

Expanding product variety models, Improving product quality models, Diffusion of technology | Homework 6

Business Cycles and Labor Markets

Real Business Cycles model

Models of unemployment | Efficiency wages

New Keynesian model and monetary policy | Homework 7 | Homework 7 Solution

Financial frictions | Bank runs