Exam points and final grades


Sample Exam Questions

Lecture Slides 01

Microeconomic Foundations


Lecture Notes 01

Lecture Notes 02

Application: Retirement planner

Actual labor income and consumption profiles: National Transfer Accounts

Problem Set 01

Government sector

Lecture Notes 03

Neoclassical labor markets

Lecture Notes 04 & 05


Lecture Notes 06

Problem Set 02

Special Topic: Discrete vs Continuous Time Optimization

Lecture Notes 07

Economic Growth: Neoclassical Growth Theory

Solow-Swan model & Growth empirics

Lecture Slides 08 & 09

Lecture Notes 08 & 09

Problem Set 03

Ramsey-Cass-Koopmans model

Lecture Notes 10 & 11

RCK model solved numerically

Problem Set 04

Overlapping generations model

Lecture Notes 12

Economic Growth: New Growth Theory

AK models and externalities

Lecture Notes on AK models

Lecture Notes on Lucas-Uzawa model

Expanding product variety models, Improving product quality models, Diffusion of technology

Lecture Notes on Endogenous Growth

Problem Set 05

Business Cycles and Labor Markets

Real Business Cycles model

Lecture Slides: Real Business Cycles

Problem Set 06

Models of unemployment

Lecture Slides: Unemployment

Lecture Notes on Shapiro-Stiglitz model

New Keynesian model and monetary policy

Lecture Slides: New Keynesian model

Lecture Notes on log-linearizing New Keynesian model

Problem Set 07

Coordination failures and financial frictions

Lecture Slides: financial frictions

Lecture Notes on financial frictions

Review of financial frictions literature