Social network of Tolkien's Hobbit characters

Pet project from 2015, which I even dared to submit to r/dataisbeautiful.

  • Used the novel's full text and divided it into pages using latex. Of course it is a bit subjective, but it was the best idea I had.
  • Using my own zsh script (maybe one day I will finish this project and upload somewhere) I counted the instances of the characters per page. This way I obtained a bipartite graph.
  • Bipartite graph allowed me to construct the [adjacency matrix2.
  • The presented graph was constructed with Gephi.


A low acceptance on reddit successfully discouraged me from further development of this project. A year after I found out about the Internet being impressed by a project using similar methodology, but for mapping relationships in the Game of Thrones. Well, research offers some consolation for me: what becomes popular and what not, actually depends largely on random factors.