Teaching experience

Here are the courses I used to be (or still I am) a lecturer (S, W denotes spring and winter semester, respectively):

  • Algorithms for Data Scientists (2019S)
  • Multidimensional analysis (2015S, 2015W, 2016W, 2017W, 2018W)
  • Data Mining (2015S, 2016S, 2017S, 2018S, 2019S)
  • Advanced Econometrics (2018S, 2019S)
  • Econometrics (2014W, 2015W, 2017W)
  • IT tools in Economics (2014S, 2015S, 2016S)
  • R:Intro (2017W, 2018W)
  • Webscraping and Social Media Scraping (2018S, 2019S)