About me

"That's Me!" My name is Dorota Celińska-Kopczyńska and I am a doctoral candidate at the Information Systems and Economic Analysis Department of Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw (it will change soon).

My research interests cover widely understood Computer Science, especially Free and Open Source Software. I also analyze social media (GitHub), probably because I do not understand them. My favourite analytic tools are: econometric models, data mining techniques, social network analysis and counterfactual analysis. I am also interested in practical usage of hyperbolic geometry.

Apart from economic analyses I like programming. In my free time, I am a dicecollector.

Software I recommend:

  • GNU/Linux – my main work enviroment
  • i3wm – dynamic tiling window manager
  • GNU Emacs – highly customizable and extensible Universal text editor (;
  • zsh – extended shell mostly compatibile with bash
  • ranger – minimalistic file manager
  • R – statistical package
  • Scrapy – framework for extracting data from websites

...and of propriertary software (mostly statistical packages):

  • Stata
  • SAS
  • SPSS